Living Room Furniture

At Casa Authentique, we take great pride in using our creative resources to help our customers find furniture they love. When we help you outfit your living room, we pick from our range of classic, traditional, sophisticated ranch, and contemporary to find what best suits your space. Our ability to customize is great, and no challenge is too large!

Sofas & Loveseats

Sofas, loveseats, couches and other multiseat options increase the comfort factor in any living room. Let Casa Authentique help you find one that meets your stylistic criteria, and that you’ll love to have in your home. Almost every aspect is customizable, right down to the legs, arms, back, and fabric.


Any stylish living room has a range of different seating options. Find a great wingback, arm chair, or sofa chair to pair with your luxurious loveseat and you will be well on your way to the custom living room of your dreams. Remember, with Casa, you can design and order your own perfect furniture by customizing each piece down to the minute detail.


While you are quipping your living space with luxurious seating, browse Casa Authentique’s selection of recliner chairs. Few things are cozier than the perfect recliner arm chair. With our access to an impressive range of materials and fabrics, not only will you love sitting in your recliner, you could be sitting in one that is uniquely you.

Tables & Accents

Find the perfect end tables, lamps, and accents to achieve the perfect flow. Browse all manner of coffee tables for your coffee table books… and your coffee. After figuring out the larger pieces, put the finishing touches on your family space with our array of lighting options, wall sconces, and accessories. You might find pieces you never knew you needed!¬†Whether it’s deep wood tones, leather accents, or other goodies, Casa Authentique has the materials that you crave.

Our Furniture Brands

Casa Bonita
Hancock & Moore
Theodore Alexander
Paul Roberts
John Richards
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